Killer Tips on How to Save On Utility Bills

One of the best ways to make most of what you earn is by assessing your monthly expenditures and identifying areas where you can cut down your spending. The lion’s share of most household budgets goes to paying up utility and electricity bills. Of course, electricity is a basic necessity and it is hard to imagine what your life would be without it. However, unnecessary large bills on electricity and utility bills can be toned down if not totally eliminated. In fact, there are several ingenious means to cut down on electricity cost. These simple yet practical ways will not only help you save money but also make you a part of a huge effort in promoting small but meaningful changes in rescuing the environment.

Practical Tips in Saving Money On Electricity and Utility Bills

Maximize Your Windows

Windows are very useful in providing your home an efficient source of light and ventilation. As much as possible, position of your windows should be strategic. A properly placed window can help provide adequate ventilation as well as augment the lighting system of any home. You can also use energy efficient panes to further enhance the energy-saving capability of your window. Planting a tree right in front of a window also provides effective insulation from cold or extremely hot weather.

Spend Less on Electricity with CFL!

Compact fluorescent or CFL bulbs can help you save $50 or more compared to the usual incandescent bulbs that eat up more power. Unlike regular bulbs, CFL needs lower wattage yet it produces the same or with some excellent brands, more amount of brightness. Aside from doing wonders in cutting down monthly electricity cost, CFL bulbs also last ten times longer compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs. In short, more power, less cost.

Lighter Colors, Lighter Spending!

Illuminating your living space does not necessarily means that spending on more light is involved. As a matter of fact, a lot of smart homeowners nowadays are resorting to the use of light colored floors, ceilings, walls, and decorations as an excellent alternative to electric lighting installations. Combined with CFL or other low watt lamps, light colored decors will definitely make your living space equally brighter as those with elaborate lighting systems minus the huge monthly bills.

Comparing Rates of Utility Providers

As a consumer it is always wise to compare the rates and services offered by the various providers available in the market. You’ll be surprised to see that different providers have different rates and sometimes even slightly different services, as each provider might put an emphasis on a different aspect. So, make sure to compare electricity rates, gas rates, water, cables etc.

Low Energy Cooking

Regular cooking appliances use up too much gas or in the case of electric stoves and gas ranges, electricity. A superb alternative that may revolutionize the way people cook is the development of induction heat cooking devices. Unlike regular cooking appliances, induction stoves are more efficient. It provides enough heat energy for various types of cooking styles minus the need to consume large amounts of power. An induction stove is also very safe since its heat is solely concentrated on the cooking vessel. You can save as much as 25% on your electricity bills by using this ingenious cooking device.

Power Strips

This cool device is very useful. Aside from protecting your appliances from unpredictable power surges, it also helps you save up at least 20% in energy bills. In case you do not know, electronic gadgets still consumes power even when switched off. Power strips ensures that all your appliances are turned off when not in use.

These are just some of the tips that can help you save on electricity and utility costs. Alternative power sources like solar power and biogas have been utilized in various countries where traditional source of energy is relatively scarce. Solar power cells, for instance, are installed at rooftops so that it can store enough energy from the sun. Alternative energy sources such as this may even eliminate the necessity of using traditional energy sources.

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