4 Ways to Increase Your Income

Do you ever feel like your income just isn’t enough? What if I told you there were at least four other ways for you to earn a larger income than you do now? It most certainly is possible. Sure, it might take a little bit of effort on your part, but it is definitely possible and could severely improve your quality of life!

  1. Work Hard for that Promotion

    This definitely isn’t the quick fix for your financial woes, but it is a great long-term solution. Put in the extra hours, show your boss that you are more valuable that your current job title implies, and you might soon find yourself in a new office with a larger paycheck each week.

  2. Start a Side Business

    Almost everyone has a full-time job, which takes up 8 or 9 hours of their day, but what do they do with the other 7 hours of their life? If you asked them, they would have no idea. Half of that probably gets wasted watching TV, when instead they could be earning an additional income through a side business. Your business could be as simple as mowing lawns, or it could be more complex and web related. If your skills are marketable, consider starting a side business in addition to your full-time job.

  3. Pursue that Settlement

    If you have been injured in the past and have a chance at earning an annuity, now might be the time to pursue that. These structured settlements often pay out monthly wages and can be a great second income. Alternatively, you can sell it and get a lump sum now. So, if you have a chance at landing yourself a settlement, it would be a fabulous addition to your current meager earnings.

  4. Try Crowd Funding

    There are many start-up businesses that crowd source, which simply means they gather money from the public for an idea of theirs. If you have an idea, you could do this and then use the money to put your idea in production (which would then earn you that monthly income you desired). It might not be an immediate addition to your monthly earnings, but it could be a very large addition later on down the road.

Have you been able to add to your meager income? How did you do it?

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